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Blackberry Wine and Syrup Suppliers

It is always challenging to start a new project, one that I have never tried before. This might seem shocking to people who know me in the real world, but I doubt myself all the time. I never really know if I am doing things right. I am very good at gathering information,  but sometimes I am just too lazy to flesh out things. The problem is that I take on so much, I do so much, that I cannot give all of my projects the attention they deserve. Well, that is my moment of self loathing...

I picked another four pounds of blackberries today. They are sleeping in the freezer. I have over twelve pounds of tangy, sweet, tart, delicious wild blackberries. My technique is certainly improving. 

I am looking for suppliers for syrup bottles. I contacted my regular supplier. Unfortunately they do not carry the type that i need. I decided to juice all the blackberries, make the syrup and put the pulp back in the fridge.

Next, I need to get a large bottle of Vodka to start making my blackberry Cordial.

Question - am I really taking on too much here? Do I need to give myself a break?

I would like to get a crate of these twelve ounce bottles, with accompanying caps. .

Then I found another supplier that sells even cuter bottles.

I thought about making my own blackberry wine, and found a forum for brewing alcohol and wine. I honestly think that the wine making is out of reach for me now. I just do not have the space for that yet.While browsing the Seattle library last week I looked over Wine Making For Dummies. There is a lot to know about the process. Plus there is equipment that I would need to buy. I am putting this one off for later.

Whelp, that is my rant. 

I will be uploading pictures soon

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