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the salmon breakfast

As of late, I have been carefully watching my nutrition. For the past three months I committed myself to resistance training: lunges, squats, leg bridges, and many other exercises. My goal is to build as much muscle as I can until mid March. In March, I am going to jump into an intense cardio routine and try to get cut.

Building muscle requires eating six times per day, eating carbs before a workout, and most important - eating a good amount of protein. The problem with female diets is that we tend to eat more carbohydrates and fats.

In the images, I am showing you what I logged in today for breakfast and lunch. The ratio of protein, fat and carbs are perfect.

I expect that many of the recipes I publish on this blog will be high protein recipes involving salmon, almonds and egg whites.

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Andrew Collier said...

I know this is late, but I wanted to ask how this went or if there is an update on your progress?

Naomi said...

It was delicious

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