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Chicken Enchilada Casserole

This recipe is very hearty. I recommend it as a dip rather than entree. 
Final Product
Okay, so lets get started with this. I made my red enchilada sauce early in the day. If you are using traditional enchilada sauce it will come in a green can. But, this is the United States and I am doing it my way. Unless I am eating salad or guacamole - I do not like eating anything green. Dr. Seuss can take that green eggs and ham and eat it himself.

I am feeling a little lazy today, so I will spare you the details and just show you in photos how I made this recipe.

If anyone wants the recipe, leave a comment on this blog and I will respond.

Start the Sauce early, let it simmer for a few hours
chopped onion, tomato sauce, vegetable juice, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, Italian spices

Bake the Chicken for 30 minutes at 350. 

 After finishing the layers, I made a quick swirl to give it a nice effect. It turned out just okay. 

The End Result:

Due to the amount of cheese and sour cream I could only have a very small portion. My hubby told me it was delicious. I think that it needs corn tortillas instead of wheat, and either more tortillas or chicken to give it more structure. When I think casserole, I think of something that you can cut into, not something you can scoop with a spoon. 

I think this would make a great dip for a BBQ, Superbowl party or any of those things men like to do when they get together, drink beer and talk about sports. This is not a weight watcher friendly meal. Over all, I think that as an appetizer this dish is a winner. 

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