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Diet Change

Many of you have noticed by now that I am not making as many treats as I did before.

My two year old son has been eating too many cookies, and it is completely my fault. He is not getting chubby or anything, but he is getting too spoiled and picky. He is on a no-cookie diet for a few months.

I am on a high protein diet, so many of the things that I publish are things only my husband will eat. My diet consists of egg whites, chicken, fish, rice and vegetables. I have not had time lately to really sit down and think of creative ways to cook high protein meals.

If you are wondering why I changed my diet, it is because I started a new workout routine almost two months ago. It consists of weights and a lot of resistance training. I am trying to put on as much muscle as I can until late March. In March, I will cut back the protein, increase the complex carbohydrates and start high intensity cardio workouts. I am getting ready for bikini season ten months early.

I will be publishing some high protein healthy recipes for you health nuts soon.



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