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Blackberry Orange Cobbler - Low Calorie Recipe

-Low Calorie Blackberry Orange Cobbler-
Orange-Blackberry cobbler is as fantastic low calorie dessert. This dessert calls for fresh, ripe blackberries and orange concentrate! Yummy!

 In a previous post, Paula Dean´s Peach Cobbler, I posted a Paula Dean video showing how to make the cobbler. For further instructions, click on the link above and watch the video.

 Follow her instructions step-by-step, but use my ingredients.

 She will insist that you use butter instead of margarine. You can use margarine. The crust will be fine. The filling is going to be so delicious, that you will not miss the butter. So please go to my previous post about how to make a Peach Cobbler.  Using Splenda cuts out a lot of the calories. So even though this is not the lightest dessert, it is significantly lighter than many other baked pastry or cobbler.

The Filling

1. 3 cups fresh, ripe blackberries
2. 4 tablespoons Splenda Baking Sugar
3. 2 tablespoons Orange Concentrate

The Crust

1. 1 cup wheat flour - self rising
2. 1 tsp baking powder
3. 2 tsp margarin
4. .25 cup low fat milk 

As usual - Bake at 350 until Golden Bubbly. 
The Crust will rise above the filling.

Work out any lumps.
Two tablespoons of Concentrate Gives the Blackberry sauce a GREAT flavor

The orange concentrate will not change the dark purple color

melted margarine goes First 

Cobbler Crust goes Second

Blackberry Orange Concentrate Filling Goes Third

After you bake it, the crust will rise above the filling, giving it a slight Souffle appearance

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