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Making Wine and Alcohol
I took the boys to the Seattle library today. I checked out a few cookbooks. Bread, Cookies, Holiday treats...and how to make wine at home. Life is really amazing. So many things that I do not know! It  makes life wonderful.

I read a few chapters of wine making, then looked up some unfamiliar terms. There are suppliers all over the country that will sell equipment to make beer, liqueur, wine, and soda. There is so much to learn and take it, I am only getting started.

Although I am not much of a drinker, I will certainly enjoy making alcohol (particularly wine), for my friends and family. Featured below are several tutorial videos about how to make different kinds of alcohol. At the end of this blog I am going to link some suppliers.

Naomi´s Blackberry Cordial
I have some Blackberry Cordial Fermenting in the closet. After the berries have fully fermented, I am going to bottle it up and serve it during the Winter Holidays. I might even give it away as gifts.

I shook it up a few times already. It smells very sweet and yummy...but also very strong. When it is done I will remove the pulp, cook out the alcohol and use the pulp to make jam. 

The recipe is very simple:
1 liter of Vodka or Rum
2 cups sugar

The vodka helps the sugar and blackberries ferment into alcohol. The fermentation process takes a few weeks. Just fill up the jug with clean berries, add the sugar, pour in the Vodka, give it a quick stir to make sure the berries are broken, releasing their juice. You will find that making various kinds of alcohol is a simple two or three step process. The videos linked below are some good alcohol making tutorials. 

In the past week I have been watching several tutorial videos about wine making. At the park I read my wine making book. It has had me dreaming of buying a plot of land and planting Shiraz grape vines. My mind has been flooded with images of oak barrels fermenting wine in the basement. If only I could do everything I dream of doing. 

If wine is not your thing, here are some other alcohol making videos. Enjoy!


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