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Peach Cake Brule avec Pêches Confites

Naomi's Peach Cake Brulee
After the babies were put to bed, I made my first recipe from Dominique and Cindy Duby's book Creme Brulee - 50 Decadent Recipes. The recipe I made can be found on page 18 of their book. Their recipes was Pear Cake Brulee. I sent my husband off to get me some of the supplies I needed. Their recipe called for 1/2 cup pear juice.

I brought me Peach Juice. I changed only one ingredient from their recipe. Other than that, I am following their exact instructions.

This recipe had more ingredients and was more complex. After I whipped it up and put it in the oven, I realized that it would need some candied peaches to go ontop. The candied peaches are entirely my recipe.

Before going over the photos of this recipe, I am going to tell you my mistakes. First, I used my two ramekins. The recipe called for six ramekins. With the exception of the peach juice, I followed the recipe exactly. The first problem is that the custards did not cook well enough. My two ramekins were too big. The dish was far too sweet for my pallate. Peach juice has a lot of sugar. When combining that with the three fourth cup sugar that the recipe calls for, my version was FAR too sweet.

 I was thinking that even if I had used to pear juice it still would have been too sweet because the pear juice also has a lot of sugar. I am still using my broiler to caramelize the top which is not too my liking, I would still prefer to have a proper torch.

I will not make this recipe again unless it is served in much smaller dishes and the sugar is cut back. Maybe others would like it, but not me. I did a quick online search for Creme Brulee Cake and found a blog KingAuthorFlour. They posted a recipe for Creme Brulee Cake.

Even though it did not turn out as I hoped, cooking is also about making mistakes and learning from them. That is the only way one can improve and create more unique, personalized dishes.

Enjoy the photos!!!

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