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◆◆◆◆◆ Soufflé

The book I am reading
A few days ago I stumbled upon a charming cook book from my local library titled:  Rise To The Occasion. The book was written by the owners of Dallas Restaurant - Rise No. 1. And what do they do exactly? They make Souffés! Sweet  Souffés, Savory  Souffés and cute dainty Souffés . When I think of the word Soufflé, the first thing that comes to mind is a movie I had to watch in a French Cinema Course, La Nouvelle Vague...the movie was  À bout de souffle (1960) featuring American actress Jean Seberg (who later commit suicide in Paris, 1979) and Jean Paul Belmondo, who turned into a dirty old man pervert in dire need of Botox I went off on a tangent there. I do that sometimes. Seth McFarlane needs to hire me as a writer for Family Guy. Back to the topic of this blog...Soufflé

Wikipediasoufflé (French: [su.fle]) is a lightly baked cake made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites combined with various other ingredients and served as a savory main dish or sweetened as a dessert. The word soufflé is the past participle of the French verb souffler which means "to blow up" or more loosely "puff up"—an apt description of what happens to this combination of custard and egg whites.

The main Chefs Appear to be Cherif Brahmi, Celine Chick and Hedda Dowd. The photographs in this book were delightful. The cover features what appears to be their Violet Souffle. I had no idea what a Violet Souffle was, until I turned to page 55 of their book. My question is - what does Violet taste like? For that matter, what does any color taste like? 

Escargot Souffle by Rise No 1 - Dallas
Their escargot souffle looked divine. Personally, I love escargot. (My husband hates them. He does not see the difference between eating a worm and a snail) Je m'en fous. Je les adore. Almost any time I go to a French Restaurant, if escargot is on the menu I will order it. When I was living in New York City I would hang out at French bistros eating escargot, drinking wine, and writing my book. 

The chapters to their book are:

  • The Ritual of Eating
  • Eating Healthy
  • The Road Less Traveled 
  • All About Souffles
  • The Childhood you Wish you Had
  • Green Living
  • The Art of Setting the Table
  • Life on the Farm
  • Chefs Entertaining Chefs
  • Global Health Corp Day

Chapter one starts on page 19, chapter ten finishes on page 173. The recipe index is on page 191. Any Chef worth their salt ( no pun intended ), has their own book. The book does not have to be a recipe book, it can be an entertaining book, or setting the table book...whatever, you get the idea. The thing about having cook books around the house is that  people assume that you read them, and then assume you must be a great cook. If you are one of those types who use the oven for storage, get one of these and plop them on your coffee table for show. Trust me. It works.

This image was taken at Rise No 1, it is a strawberry souffle. WOW! That looks adorable. 

RISE FACEBOOK, the irony is that their profile picture is Julia Child. Just yesterday I published part one of an interview with Julia Child from 1999.

They are also on TWITTER...

I have never made a souffle. You know me. I like putting my own mark on whatever it is that I make. As a proud Seattle Girl, I would like to make a savory souffle with either Crab meat or Salmon. Preferably something from the Pike Place Market. Or, now that blackberry season is upon us, I will do something with the gallons of blackberries that I plan on picking. I did a quick search for Blackberry Souffles on Google, and this is what I came up with. 

I still have to make eight more recipes from Cindy and Dominique's, Creme Brulee- 50 Decadent Recipes. I do not see myself starting on the Souflees any time soon. I can only feed so many people. Anyway, this is something to think about. 

If I am ever in Dallas I will check out this restaurant. On a final note, I would like to send a personal message to Rise No 1 Dallas. I love Edith Piaf. After living in Paris for about a year, she really does sound like the streets of Paris. However, please, for the love of god, remove that loop version of Edith Piaf's La Vie En Rose from your website. Or, phase out the song after the first ten seconds a person has been on your website. It is incredibly annoying after awhile. Songs should never be looped on any website. This is a general rule of web design. Take my advice on this.


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